Thursday, December 22, 2005

Slaves of New York

The people upstairs aren't the answers to our prayers.
The Maytag humming, agitating nosily, makes Lady Clancy quite edgy and unaffectionate.
The hopeful primas trilling and shrilling in and out of key well into the late hours of the night.
What must they do to keep up the constant mayhem?
Now, there appears to be yet another diva on this very floor.
A bit pretentious though, the door ajar to be heard.

Why do they attach bricks to their feet when they walk?
Don't despair, 'tis only cowboy's footwear.

The masterpieces carefully etched on the drafting board valued at millions in the open market.
Amongst the clutter and chill, a mega-corporation waiting to be born. Not unlike the very couture designer, or a pack of Marlboro, each waiting to shine.
The observer has to discern if love exists in this seemingly bland union.

Painting takes all one's time, not leaving the energy to fulfill the most docile of fantasies.
As many have discovered before, "Art isn't easy." Made more so difficult if one has the talent or can create the illusion thereof, of sustaining a career downtown.

"Yes, I do agree some poltics play an inmportant part in forming a career."
Tsk, tsk! You shouldn't leave her alone and unattended. She can be easily satisfied with someone else despite the years you two have been together.
Pay attention, not every party should be attended.
Idle thoughts and hands could be detrimental to your decaying fortress.
Luckily for you, she isn't a lady who lunches, she has more than enough to do.
Be warned, you could lose your treasure.
"No, silly! Not those obsure oil painting, but your mate."

Pass on the reception in SoHo, spend quality time at a bed-n-breakfast in Vermont this weekend.
It's only as potent as you believe it to be.
This anonymous city so many flee to escaping and hiding from the demons that haunt them.
Stand your ground, feet firm and challenge them.
They exist with your permission only.

Stop baring your soul and innermost fears for $150/hour. "Yes, at one time it was trendy. You're not sleeping around, are you?"

A dying breed?
Not on your life. Not as long as the bus continues to pull into Port Authority. There will be thousands of cannibals making tracks into the concrete jungle.

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