Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Changing Times

The cadence of a southern belle's laugh.
The timbre of a southern gentleman's voice.
Past images of a father long ago.
The labyrinth of pain.
Do you know who are you?
Treading through the revolving door of emotions.
The countless knowing on parade.
In and out of the night they have come.
Not knowing they were being auditioned for an ideal role.
Distant images of a father long ago.
Not knowing who he was, you can't know what to be.
Feel the emotions running rampant?
Show him how he has impacted your life.
Tell her she only shares the blame.
Stranger things have happened.
You could just wake from the nightmare.
It would be so easy to forget yourself in his arms.
At what cost?
To lose yourself completely, is that your goal?
Others have tried to undertake the impossible.
What makes you think you're different?
Should you just give in to the strengths of his charms?
He knows your dirty little secret.
What will come of it? Will he abide by your rules?
Too early for conjecture.
What does your heart and soul say to the matter?
Lose yourself completely in his arms.
It will work . . . I think.
Running away from yourself, running into his embrace.
What will he think of you?
In time all feelings will be revealed.
Ready for the adventure?
Do yourself a favor -- live a little.

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