Tuesday, December 06, 2005

As The World Turns

At 75 Park Lane, several residents of various socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds live. They migrated to this address from points north and south of the Mason Dixon Line.

Some were born, and others have died in this building populated by widows, single mothers, artists, and divorcees.

Not unlike any other small community or village, word travels fast. There are very few secrets, and fewer friends among the current residents. There's always an eye peeping through a peephole and an ear trained on a door as footsteps climb and voices rise in the hallway.

Thin walls and warped floors. Maddening landlord and his vulgar wife, both of which would be perfectly cast as the innkeeper and his wife in Les Miserables.

Spoiled siblings and hyperactive and competitive residents vie for attention and try to outdo each other. Hyenas laugh, and lambs scurry out of view. Round and round they go, a dance macabre.

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