Monday, September 28, 2009

I’ll Take Manhattan, Along the Adirondack Line

New York City is an ideal place for people of all ages who want to unwind, play, and meet new friends in an energetic backdrop.

Beginning at the southern tip of Manhattan, the borough offers views of The Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn, and New Jersey from Battery Park City, which buttresses The Hudson River. Fall is a good season to stroll along the multi-leveled plaza, watch sailboats zip by and stately cruise ships glide by to dock in Midtown Manhattan.

While you’re downtown, don’t forget to walk over the cobblestone streets to The South Street Seaport to shop and dine in various retail stores and restaurants. The historical area adjacent to the Seaport has yet more quaint shops and restaurants within minutes of Wall Street and the NYSE.

The next stop on our walking tour of Manhattan brings us to TriBeCa and world-class hotels, novelty shops, and locations for various movies and television shows, not mention the tony residences of local celebrities such as Robert DeNiro and Leontyne Price. Manhattan is best experienced on foot, so be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and bring bottled water. Manhattan can’t be fully enjoyed in one day, there’s much to see and do in different neighborhoods, museums, and at landmarks.

No trip to Manhattan is complete without a visit to Chinatown, east of TriBeCa, and within a few blocks of the Lower East Side. Crossing Broadway into Chinatown is akin to stepping back into time or traveling to a small village in the Orient. All manner of fowl and fish are visible in restaurant windows and specialty stores as you navigate along the main thoroughfare of shops and kiosks that sell faux designer handbags, athletic wear, and New York memorabilia.

Sights, sounds, scents, and multiple mainland Chinese accents and dialects compete for your attention as you traverse along the zigzag streets heading further east. The Lower East Side and the East Village are eclectic neighborhoods, but don’t offer outsiders anything of interest. The allure of these two areas lies in their offbeat and anti-establishment status, a one-time haven for creative types and musicians who couldn’t afford to live above 42nd Street. It still maintains its avant-garde status as a home to painters, singers, and denizens who live on the edge, and or aspire to. The neighborhood hosts an annual summer Fringe Festival.

As the name states, Little Italy, has authentic Italian pastries, pasta, and marinara sauce, and the annual San Gennaro Festival in early September. Visitors can also tour the original St. Patrick’s Cathedral that’s now a parish house. The tight-knit streets in Little Italy are reminiscent of New York City’s yesteryear as brought to life on screen in Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York.

If culture is what you seek, check out the New Museum of Contemporary Art in SoHo, and then head over to one of best attractions in the city, Chelsea Piers, a multi-unit sports and activity complex where visitors can play golf, ice skate, climb indoor rock formations, lift weights, go kayaking in The Hudson River, and host birthday parties. Silver Screen Studios at Chelsea Piers have also been used for feature films, dance rehearsals, special events, music videos and commercials.

Midtown Manhattan is home of The Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, and Macy’s Department Store. Visitors and native New Yorkers head to the Observatory on the 86th floor for a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline. You’ll never be at loss for entertainment at The Garden with year-round sporting events, solo musical artists and bands, and family shows. Christmas shopping at Macy’s is a must during a fall visit to New York City. The block-long store’s windows are decked out in holiday fanfare and decorations accent the entire store. Santa Claus is usually on hand to grant wishes and check his list one last time before he climbs aboard his sleigh for the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in November.

Once you’ve caught your breath from all things shopping, make your way to Lincoln Center for The Performing Arts, where you’ll find an entertainment complex that features renowned orchestras, ballet performances, independent films, and opera. If Wagner, Mozart, Mahler, or Pedro Almodóvar isn’t to your liking, head east to Central Park to see the orange and brown fall leaves, rent a bike and peddle leisurely around the six-mile circumference, or go horseback riding along the Bridle Path.

No visitor should leave Manhattan without experiencing Harlem’s Apollo Theatre on West 125th Street, a place where dreams still come true, while others are dashed on stage during its weekly Wednesday Amateur Night. The audience shows its appreciation for stellar acts with thunderous applause, and cast many would-be performers off the stage with raucous laughter. A final stop on this trip is The Cloisters at Fort Tyron Park, with its collection of art and architecture from medieval Europe. It’s also a great place to shop for last minute gifts and keepsakes before continuing on to your next destination.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Harlem Writer Weekly News

Introducing a new addition to the Harlem Writer Blog: news, tips, updates for PR, Media, Writing, and Publishing. The goal is to consolidate the previous and upcoming week's job announcements, tidbits, classifieds that might otherwise get lost on other outlets.

Morningside Writers Workshop needs two or three administrative and technical college or recent graduate to fill commissioned intern positions. Seeking an intern for each of the three current workshops (fiction, screenwriting, and memoir), and graphic/web design intern to assist founder on-site and remotely. If interested, please attach a cover letter and resume (with online portfolio for graphic intern) and send to

Keneritz Media PR & Booking Agency needs a Junior Bilingual (English/Spanish) PR/Marketing Intern, and a Junior Bilingual Booking Intern. If interested, please attach a cover letter and resume and send to

Keneritz Media PR & Booking Agency needs a Junior PR/Marketing Intern (English), and two Junior Booking Agent Interns. If interested, please attach a cover letter and resume and send to

EdgEntertainment needs a Junior Photo/Video Booking Intern, and a Photo Intern to assist on photo and video shoots. If interested, please attach a cover letter and resume and send to

Morningside Writers Workshop is interested in collaborating with other established writing workshops in the metro New York City area for local writing retreats, lecture series, open mics, and poetry readings. If interested, please send a letter of introduction/intent to

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to School Creative & Editorial Services

No matter how strong your writing may already be, all writing can be improved through proper and effective editing. A good editor can make the difference between creating something that is compelling or something that is forgettable, between producing your best possible work or something that is mediocre, or even between having your work published or rejected.

At Morningside Editorial Services, we offer expert editorial services by an experienced team of editors that includes professional writers, college professors, public relations practitioners and former journalists. Our editing experience comprises short stories and novels, college research papers and Ph.D. dissertations, newspaper and magazine articles and features, résumés and cover letters, and business marketing and promotional materials.

We work with you to improve the content, prose, style, tone, grammar, syntax and structure of your writing and written materials. Our services include:

Manuscript critique – We provide professional analysis and evaluation of all aspects of your short story, novel, article or report, with specific recommendations for improvement.

Copyediting – Our word-by-word proofreading and editing of your written materials will enhance the content, structure, clarity and prose and ensure that grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation are correct and meet professional standards.

Résumé and cover letter writing and/or editing – we can improve your existing résumé or create a new one for you and help you to put together a powerful, effective cover letter that will get your résumé noticed.

Spanish/English and Arabic/French to English Translation -we offer Arabic and French to English, and English to Arabic/French Translation and Transcription Services (cover letters, résumés, prose, and technical documents).

Our team approach ensures that you will be assigned an editor who understands your specific writing needs and has experience professionally critiquing and editing similar work professionally. It also means we can offer you competitive rates for our services and a rapid turn-around on your writing assignments.

To find out more about how we can immediately improve your writing, contact Morningside Editorial Services.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Keneritz Media Booking & Event Planning

Keneritz Media Booking and Event Planning is available to book small to medium size event.

We're available for individual or ongoing booking relationships to assist local bands, singers, restaurant owners, and groups/organizations plan and book performances, concerts, tours, special events, birthday parties, and fashion shows.

Contact us now for additional information or a personal consultation:

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage - Book Giveaway

Hachette Book Group, Morningside Writers Group, and Harlem Writer are sponsoring a Hispanic Heritage Month Book Giveaway. Five winners will receive a set of the five books listed below. The contest is simple. Answer one question and leave a comment on this posting.The best combination of short essay and comment will win!

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated September 15th - October 15th.

Contest Rules:

1. The contest is open to US or Canadian residents with a valid mailing address only. No P.O. Boxes.

2. Applicants must use a valid e-mail address and home or cell number.

Format: Please submit essay responses using the following guidelines (Courier New, 12 pt, double –spaced, 1” margins on all four sides). Word count: 500. words.

Submit response as a .doc or .pdf attachment by midnight on 10/20/09, to, Subject: Latino Heritage Giveaway Heritage Giveaway.
Books will be mailed to contest winners courtesy of the publisher.

Ready? Here goes.

* Describe a time when a second or third language helped you in life. Traveling in a foreign country, a job promotion, or dating.

* Describe a time when you prejudged someone based on physical characteristics, language barrier, or cultural differences. How did you overcome your personal limitations and embrace someone outside your comfort zone?

  1. Zumba® By Beto Perez , Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
  2. Evenings at the Argentine Club By Julia Amante
  3. Damas, Dramas, and Ana Ruiz By Belinda Acosta
  4. Tell Me Something True By Leila Cobo
  5. Amigoland By Oscar Casares