Monday, December 26, 2005

Into The Bowels of Hell - Revisited

One of the trio once again found himself entering the lair of demons.
This excursion was guided by God's candle that lit the path into the beyond.
The journey was in celebration of a time gone by, a capsule of life that cannot happen a second chance.
The now one-man army came upon this place by way of the serpent that twists and coils underground, making occasional appearances atop soil.
Out onto the outermost reaches of the now infamous chamber 'o horror, the fearless lad strode watching for any sign of displaced trouble.
Nothing was observed to be out of kilter, not even the fine-tailored leeches in their immaculate tombs on wheels peddling their illegal wares.
Graffiti 'round, temptation and damnation bound.
All quiet on the warfront. Could it be the demons are solely nocturnal beings? Nah, behind the steel gates and manicured walls, deals are in the making.
At play, were children perhaps unaware of their environment. Is there bliss in ignorance?
Just turn the other cheek, and look to a better day.

The gatekeeper has been summoned to lower the drawbridge.
Ascending the descending stairs, a lady in faux leopard sings praises, and uplifts her God.
You best be on good behavior.
Mind your manners if you know what's behind door two.What's this? Or rather, who is the new gatekeeper? What has happened to the original?
I see, he has gone to retrieve firewater to help celebrate.

After much time, and a bit of despair the gatekeeper returned with liquid pleasure. In the interim imagination proved fatal. What could have befallen him to cause such a delay?
A suggestion on the floor . . . What would be given the partygoers to calm their appetites?


The bodega provided such treats and illusions.
Do you know something I don't?
Well, then, it isn't polite to gawk.

Preparation, execution, diversion, the festivities were underway.
Guests arrived, unchastened and without a fathom of how to act.
íDeseo Insaciable!
The gathering grew tedious for some; off into the tears from Heaven, a yellow chariot carried an all-male sextet a bailar.

Reverberating and sinister beats lured them onto the dance floor.
¡Baile! Uno, dos, tres, cuatro . . . etc. Build your confidence while she dances with you.


Spotlights. Strobe. Vogue. Surveillance.
¿Volver a casa? Sí a dormir.
The festivities to our chagrin continued. The sextet had earlier disintegrated into a duo.

Boisterous noises, moans and groans of carnal desire.
Yo tengo doler de cabeza. ¿Tiene aspirina? Gracias.
A failed attempt to depart the chaos was evidence enough of a guardian angel.
The chamber now became a sanctuary for the remaining inhabitants in slumber.

¡Descansar Hijos . . . Vaya con Dios.

In sleep, all was well, a newly forged triumvirate peaceful and respectful of individual territories.

Para desayuno, carne de cerdo, huevos fritos, y batidos.
Descending the ascending stairs, four amigos, four hermanos.

Each had given and received his fair share.
Now to embark upon an even more treacherous adventure.


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