Saturday, December 24, 2005

Into the Bowels of Hell

Into the bowels of hell we strode.
Three in honor to celebrate the bittersweet taste of success and departure.
All about lurked the rejects of life, or at best civilization. They gasped and groaned for the fairest of us all, she had within her their most secret of desires and most vile perversions.
Inseparable we were until we came upon our destination; a place notwithstanding its hideous ambiance was not all too appealing.
We had reached a point of seemingly no return.
Our haven or heaven depending on faith was a phone call away.

The burden of truth, which of us would bear it?
Alas, the gatekeeper allowed entry into the maze of Technicolor eyes, ears, and fears.

Climbing the stretching stairwell, uncertain what or who would lie beyond the threshold, we three were united in our cause.
The innermost sanctum held no allure, but for the moment we had escaped the hounds of hell that run rampant in the night.
Spirits and snacks abound, we entered the post Art Deco chamber 'o horror.
Our fair maiden was at first the only one her species, the beasts were not pleased.
They had specifically requested naïve sacrifices for their tawdry pleasures.
The aroma of the chamber took on an inebriating, hallucinogenic pressure. Merriment and joyful noise continued to underscore this fated journey Gulliver would have bypassed.
One of the beasts lost his secret charm, composed of one of Mother Earth's precious alloys.
With this charm he was lulled into a false sense of security and power.
This charm was the by-product of the sale of a thousand souls.

The chamber vibrated with disgust and outrage; someone had best step forward before this demonic being followed through with explosives and explicatives.
The mood went from jovial to shifty eyes, sweaty palms, and allegations of misconduct.
Had the demon from beyond been careless, or had the culprit fled with the forbidden charm?

The gatekeeper released the hounds of hell and a search ensued.
All was for naught.
The faceless faces on parade, who was guilty?
Knowledge is supposed to be the key to success.
Each of the three sought refuge in delusional mind tactics, perhaps to ensure their own safety.

The gatekeeper permitted the three to leave, and a chariot guided by Heavenly Force made its way out of the bowels of hell to bring the trio safely to the surface of the city.

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