Saturday, April 14, 2007

Writing Group Rejections

One of the drawbacks to recruiting new writers for a critique group is having to deal with personality conflicts of people who don't fit into the group, and refuse to adhere to the policies and procedures.

When I decided to take myself seriously as a writer and put stock into creating a writing community, I knew there would be people that I'd clash with because of temperament or writing ability.

I refuse to go to therapy because of what I've endured or will endure as the moderator and participant in a writing workshop. I post here to work annoyances out of my system, although edited.

I try to keep my ego in check and not flaunt that I'm the founder, but when there have been issues, I had to play my trump card. I won't allow anyone to destroy years of work because they woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or are jealous of the community I've created.

I devote many agonizing, unpaid hours to keep the writers groups afloat, and while I'm not offended that someone wouldn't notice (because their head's buried in a dark crevice), it chaps me that a potential or current writing group member would selfishly cause grief.

These are the same types who post antagonistic or inflammatory messages online to spread the word about how unfair, egotistical, or unprofessional the writing group members is. There's a celebrity who says, "I'll worry when they (reporters, etc.) stop talking about me." I agree.

As long as I'm doing an exemplary job of moderating and participating in the writers group, I will keep my head held high. The moment I begin to doubt myself and intentions, I'll shutter the group and write and submit in solitude.

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