Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Madrid Journal - Day Five

I met yet another Euramus student, a friend of Melanie’s, a German guy named Marcus. I have been thinking of topics, people, and events to write about. The one that comes to mind is Hostal Mario, an amiable place for students who wish to live at or below costin Madrid while learning Spanish. The current residents are a German girl and a French girl, who are as different as night and day. Each girl has brought her own history, psychoses, and expectations of living in Madrid for the next year. Each one has her own traffic of friends, acquaintances, and friends-cum-lovers that visit from time to time.

There’s Maximillion from England, Karsen from Germany, Sinead from Ireland, and Yanni from Finland. Max is studying Mathematics back in England, Karsen is majoring in Law, Sinead is studying dance, Spanish and teaching English, Yanni, I believe is studying Economics. Melanie and Maja are studying Law.

There are a number of memories I have thus far, and I am sure that more will come to once I’m back in New York. The time I’ve been here thus far has had moments of passing like the sands through an hourglass, and other moments have seemed to have stood still.

I know I will miss the people I’ve met while here on holiday, all for different reasons. Milena, the lady of the house, who has the capacity to be firm and at the same time very caring. I will miss her patience, her maternal nature. Mario is the man of the house, the consummate jack-of-all-trades. Mario and I met via an ad I placed in a local newspaper, In Madrid, looking for an apartment swap here in Madrid. He spent a week with me in March of this year. Now, this is my turn to stay with him in Spain.

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