Thursday, January 12, 2006

Homemade Ginger Tea

Sitting here drinking homemade ginger tea with peppermint candy and honey feels good. I have twenty pages of Spanish-to-English text to edit and revise for a website, essays to grade for my GED students, and at least ten pages of fiction to write for a weekly Friday midnight deadline with my writing buddy.

The smell of Vick's VapoRub in the air - refreshing and sickening at the same time. Not that I'm too proud to admit I've stuffy head and chest. I'd rather smell my grandma's coffee brewing in her old-fashioned percolator or her homemade biscuits.

I don't like self-effacing journal/blog entries. Why whine and moan for the world to read? Today is about sitting upright, large glass of ginger tea nearby, and showing up to the page to do the work I've been hired to do. Today isn't about feeling sorry for myself, curled up in bed, only to roll out later tonight in a panic to complete the above list.

No, there'll be no pity party for me today. I do what I love. I write, edit, and teach for a living. No more dealing with irate and overpaid executives and their underpaid administrative assistants in corporate America. No more bowing, scraping, and smiling like an indentured servant just because someone makes more money than I do or did whatever to climb a corporate totem pole. Oftentimes their rise is short-lived. There'll always be someone unhappy and willing to do whatever it takes for their fifteen minutes of fame.

Today is about sitting here in my tattered robe from a South Beach hotel, feeling decadent I suppose. Tropical fish are happy, this morning was change the water and filter day. If only corporate American jobs were like my community aquarium where all get along and don't devour one another. The tri-color shark bobs his head back and forth, perhaps thinking its swimming the length of the sea, minding it's business while the glass catfish hides and sleeps in the foliage. Each is respectful of the other. All other fish do their own thing, as I aim to do my own thing daily.

Today is about recuperation and healing.

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