Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dreams, Prophecies, and Other Tales

In recent months I've been dreaming about my high school in Houston. In each dream, I'm running to a class in a building that's no longer the structure I knew. It's usually dark, and in one sequence, the stairs seem to multiply as I climb, pushing my way through the crowd.

I usually don't put stock in my dreams, as some people believe they can foretell the future, or store our secret inclinations, but I have to wonder why I keep returning to a place that I didn't like very much. The school wasn't bad, just some of my time spent there. It has taken many years later to understand that I felt out of place on the other side of town, not because of the tony neighborhood, but because I wasn't prepared for the racially mixed environment. My world prior to then was predominantly African American with a few Mexican students and five or six Caucasian teachers thrown in for good measure.

What does it mean, if anything, that I keep returning to my first integrated high school? Were there overlooked lessons that escaped me back then that I need to learn now?

I've had dreams that seem as if two or three jigsaw puzzles were tossed into the air and fell on my coffee table for me to decipher. Strangely enough, during tennis grand slams, I've been able to predict if Venus or Serena will make it through to the next round. I fall asleep with them on my mind, and some point during the early morning I open my eyes knowing full well what the online news and Tennis Channel soon confirms.

Is psychic ability real, or the province of snake oil salesmen? Do shows like Psychic Detectives and Medium give false hopes to people out their struggling with decisions, loss of loved ones, or their belief in past lives?

One of my more bizarre dreams involved my younger brother pulling me into his dream when were children to battle a bogeyman. I know it happened, and he knew that I was there. We shared a bedroom, if proximity had anything to do with my stepping inside his nocturnal world. We sat silently at the breakfast table, exchanging looks, sure that we'd committed some awful crime during the night that our momma would punish us for. When she saw us glancing down at our plates and across the table at each other, she called us on it: What did y'all do?

We didn't rat on each other with any such tomfoolery as being able to cross into each other's world during the previous night's slumber. I used to think that Pisceans were sensitive to such things, but Christian belief warns against people who use runes and divination.

What do you think about all this? Should we pay attention to and try to decipher our dreams?


Shelia said...

Wow, you know that this is one of those very "gray", and very subjective areas of life, which you've already discussed.

I have had dreams that have actually later occurred. I have had dreams that have had "sequels," if you will and completed themselves. I have also had dreams of my greatest longings, primarily to see my father again. He's been dead for 17 years.

I've had dreams so significant in meaning that I've been afraid to go back to sleep. In other words, I don't know what to do with the dream world, or it's significance to my awake world.

For the most part, I try very hard not to dwell on it, and hope that whatever comes during my sleep will be of good spirit, and treat me kind.

People said...

My mother is one of those dreamers who can get "secret" information during times of slumber.

I've always been fascinated with the insight and truth dreams hold. I'm not a dreamer, but my intuition is sometimes too STRONG for my own good.

But overall, I believe that since we're spiritual beings, we are connected to everyone and everything...tangible and intangible.