Friday, February 16, 2007

Morningside Editorial Services

“There is no great writing, only great rewriting.” Louis D. Brandeis

No matter how strong your writing may already be, all writing can be improved through proper and effective editing. A good editor can make the difference between creating something that is compelling or something that is forgettable, between producing your best possible work or something that is mediocre, or even between having your work published or rejected.

At Morningside Editorial Services, we offer expert editorial services by an experienced team of editors that includes professional writers, college professors, public relations practitioners and former journalists. Our editing experience comprises short stories and novels, college research papers and Ph.D. dissertations, newspaper and magazine articles and features, résumés and cover letters, and business marketing and promotional materials.

We work with you to improve the content, prose, style, tone, grammar, syntax and structure of your writing and written materials. Our services include:

Manuscript critique – We provide professional analysis and evaluation of all aspects of your short story, novel, article or report, with specific recommendations for improvement.

Copyediting – Our word-by-word proofreading and editing of your written materials will enhance the content, structure, clarity and prose and ensure that grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation are correct and meet professional standards.

Résumé and cover letter writing and/or editing – we can improve your existing résumé or create a new one for you and help you to put together a powerful, effective cover letter that will get your résumé noticed.

Our team approach ensures that you will be assigned an editor who understands your specific writing needs and has experience professionally critiquing and editing similar work professionally. It also means we can offer you competitive rates for our services and a rapid turn-around on your writing assignments.

To find out more about how we can immediately improve your writing, contact Morningside Editorial Services.

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