Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Best Doctors in New York City

I now have information that will transform my medical care in the next few weeks: Best Doctors in New York.

I sent out an e-mail request to friends on Tuesday, and by midnight Tuesday, I received the directory which rates doctors and hospitals in the metro New York City area.

I have not been happy with recent doctors and specialists I've seen, including the spin-the-bottle primary care physician I chose, based solely on his proximity to my apartment, which has made me feel helpless and frustrated.

One of the specialists I sought for unexplained headaches was thorough and nice, but his receptionist reminded me of Evillene from The Wiz. The headaches have since disappeared; I know the prescription glasses and keeping myself calm more times than not, contributed to my healing. He's not on the list, which doesn't make him a bad doctor, but I wonder if I'd have had to endure an MRI, MRA, free trial and prescription medications had to known about the list beforehand.

The second specialist I knew would not be on the list. He's definitely on my list of doctors with bad office and bedside manners, and I've encountered some nightmarish doctors when I didn't have medical coverage. This guy treated me like I was on an assembly line -- get 'em in, get 'em out (from the time I checked in at the front desk and departed). I previously regarded the quick check-in as professional and courteous, when in fact it wasn't.

What's got me in an uproar with this guy is that I feel he's recommending an outdated and terribly expensive procedure that I think could be done with laser surgery, prescription medication, and improved living.

I no longer feel as if the weight of the world is pressing down on my shoulders. I recommend everyone taking advantage of such lists. I've been on club, bar, and lounge guest lists for free admission and drink tickets- this is a better list. I like the above list better because I'm not on it, but trained, licensed, and reputable medical professionals that discerning New Yorkers have evaluated and offered their honest opinions.
Knowledge is power.

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Blah Blah Blah said...

Thanks...for "the list"...heeheehee

Lord knows I need a doc for my headaches. Been having these things for 8 years now... ummm, can I get a break already! lol