Sunday, November 27, 2005

Too High, The Cost

Artists who relocate to large cities to pursue their careers have to pay exorbitant emotional and spiritual fees to survive. Artists either work in dead-end and exhausting hospitality industry or office jobs. Bureaucracy and office politics aren't part of the curriculum in most artists' schooling.

Beyond office politics, there are incompetent and obnoxious small business owners, office/department managers, and misunderstanding and jealous co-workers.

What separates artists from these types of people? Is it our humanity, patience, and sensitivity? Or perhaps our desire to communicate on a different level that sets us apart from the masses.

The cost is too high. Misguided parents, teachers, or family members discourage creative souls from pursuing their art in hopes of saving us from a life of . . . auditioning, performing on stage or on television and film, or writing fiction, screen or stage plays.

"All excellence is equally difficult."
- Thornton Wilder

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