Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sons & Daughters

Little boys seek out a replica of their mother, or the the complete opposite if their childhood was filled with pain and remorse.

Little girls seek out idealized versions of their father. Some girls compete with their mother to find an improved version of their father.

Somewhere in between childhood and adulthood, boys become sons and girls become daughters.

It's difficult for some sons to see their mother in any type of pain, especially a silent and growing pain that accumulates over the course of years at the hands of their father or other male figurehead.

Astute daughters are able to see the pain their father suffers at the hands of their emasculating mother with unresolved father issues.

There are good sons and daughters who stay the course and are reliable. They remain at home hoping for a change in their parents' behavior.

Is it conditioning, wishful thinking, or luck of the draw that one child becomes strong and reliable while others fade into the background, or lost to drugs and alcohol?

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