Thursday, December 31, 2015

Gratitude Journal 2016 - 100 Days Challenge

Looking for interested people for an initial 100-days #GratitudeJournal2016 Challenge beginning January 1st for those ready to commit, and on January 2nd for all others.

Guidelines are simple:
  • Hardcover or soft cover blank journal only for Gratitude Journal entries.
  • Ink pen, as pencils tend to smudge.
  • One daily handwritten prose page at either the start of the day or before bedtime for 100 days.
  • Set a daily alarm for your gratitude journal entry, and honor it.
  • Penmanship matters only to you. Don't fret about your handwriting. 
  • Date each entry, and if it helps, include entry number.
  • Bullet lists do not count as an entry, so try to avoid. Better to engage and benefit from the experience if we approach it through language, rather than numbers.
  • Typed entries do not count toward your goal, so try to avoid. 
  • Please state the specific object/person/circumstance of gratitude, and at least one specific reason for the gratitude.
  • If possible, find an Accountability Partner to check-in as often as needed.
  • If needed, give yourself small rewards at different benchmarks (5, 10 days, etc.)
  • Once we've reached the 100th day, we'll continue throughout the year. 
  • Think about short and long-term benefits of daily journaling if/when it feels as if you're climbing an insurmountable mountain.  
If I think of anything else, I'll update this post. I look forward hearing about your progress, setbacks and eventual triumphs at the 100-day mark.