Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Summer and Fall 2006 Reading List - Part One

1. The Known World by Edward P. Jones
2. Nobody Knows My Name by James Baldwin
3. Beloved by Toni Morrison
4. the crazed by Ha Jin
5. No Longer At Ease by Chinua Achebe
6. Lost In The City by Edward P. Jones
7. letters to a young artist by Anna Deavere Smith
8. The Weekend Novelist by Robert J. Ray
9. Writing the Memoir by Judith Barrington
10. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, 2nd Ed., by Renni Browne
11. Creating Black Americans by Nell Irvin Painter
12. Slavery And The Making of America by James Oliver Horton
13. Whose Bible Is It? by Jaroslav Pelikan
14. Write Away by Elizabeth George
15. Brick Lane by Monica Ali