Monday, March 09, 2009

Fitness Log: Metamorphosis

Working out requires time, energy, discipline, and healthy eating habits.The time isn't an issue because my trainer is punctual three days a week. I've only to set the alarm and get dressed before he arrives. I've yet to schedule time when he's not with me to guide me through a series of exercise homework. It's not that I don't like or want to work out, it's an issue of time away from work or chores. The goal in the coming days and weeks is to block out at least three to five additional hours for physical fitness.

I've posted an ad for an early morning jogging buddy so that I will be accountable to someone else, and they in turn to me. It works the same with my trainer. I expect him three days a week, so I know I have to schedule that time to work out, or it'd be a waste of his time.

I must allow time to shed unwanted pounds and inches around my waist. Even if I could afford it, I wouldn't have liposuction or a tummy tuck. I'm not a candidate for either. Cosmetic weight loss procedures are quick fixes to lingering health and emotional challenges, similar to weight loss supplements, the results are almost immediate, but the maintenance becomes the real test.

I've enough mental and emotional energy to workout, it's the physical endurance in the early stages of retraining my body and mind to perform exercises that seem to contradict with the natural flow of my body. Where does one summon the energy to exercises regularly? Caffeine? Weight loss capsules and powders that contain preservatives, additives, and caffeine?

Time and discipline work in tandem for me. Or is it the chicken and egg conundrum? What needs to happen first? If I'm disciplined and focused in my goals to workout, I'd automatically set aside time to workout alone so that I'll achieve the body I want sooner.

Working with a personal trainer is new to me, and I'm glad that Ryan has the patience, training, and experience to help transform me from sedentary to active once again. I don't remember when something shifted inside, and I became a hermit save for my attending biweekly writing workshops. One cloudy or rainy day that I didn't jog, rollerblade, or dance barefoot in Central Park can't be the sole culprit for my expanded midsection. One day quickly becomes a week. Fast forward, and I'm struggling to button my shirt or pants, which was depressing. I'd always been skinny or slim. I still have the first pair of designer jeans I bought back in high school, and until two years ago, I could wear them.

My daily food logs have shed light on when and what I eat. Water, good. Fruit juice, bad. It's better that I eat the raw fruit. Chewing kick starts digestion, and increases metabolism. Three square meals low in carbohydrates, high in protein, and two to three healthy snacks a day are necessary to decrease the unwanted increase. It might not be easy because healthy living in any economy can be expensive if you don't have the disposable income.

The plump caterpillar is gesticulating in his cocoon, rapid heartbeats, random insecurities, dreaming of chocolate donuts, cookies, and ice cream. The plump caterpillar knows intellectually that physical fitness and fresh food are keys to a better life, and that he shouldn't complain about exertion or soreness. The caterpillar, once reborn, will take to the sky and soar higher than before with his carved physique.

*Feel free to leave comments on your physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. Spring is here. Let's get rid of excess baggage and climb the mountain together.*


Yosay said...

I really need to jump on the bandwagon and kickstart my exercise routine. I have found that doing the bloodtype diet and drinking a hot beverage with every meal really helps me control my weight.

Kudos to you for your commitment to a healthier lifestyle- no matter how difficult it is.

Erick said...

Lately, I've been thinking about taking my fitness to the next level. This article was very motivating.

I am glad to see you realized that your health was a priority, and now you're taking the steps to achieving your goals, which is a great thing!

Keep at it!

negrita said...

so very inspiring. it is a constant struggle to be consistent and just keep moving. i always do well, in spurts, then fall back because i'm too busy doing other things. i need to work on making it a priority. your commitment is admirable. :)

nikki said...

man, i'm right there with you. my slide began late last year right after my car accident. the accident rattled me. then i found out they were eliminating my job. then my car was broken into. it was like this snowball of bad ish happening to me. i stopped going to the gym cuz i was getting depressed and my ipod had been stolen (i know that last one is ridiculous but a sista without her music can't get the workout done. lol)

anyway, with the new year came new possibilities and i'm working on the new mindset that goes with it. that includes getting back into the gym, not just cuz i want to get back into the two piece. i noticed a week back that my heart's rest rate is rather high. for the first time in my life, i'm seeing how my health is being affected by not keepinga active.

as a result, i'm doing the little things first. making sure i've got the healthy ish in my house. keeping the water next to me. hell, just making sure i eat six small meals a day. i have a habit of not eating until later in the day and then you know folk don't care what they put in their mouths at that point...

anyway, just know u ain't alone. many of us are on this journey. good luck to us all.