Saturday, January 10, 2009

Book Contest Giveaway - Faith, Lifestyle, Writing

Hachette Book Group and Harlem Writer are hosting a book contest giveaway celebrating a New Year and New You from January 15th -February 15th, 2009. Five winners will be chosen. Each winner will receive a set of the books.

Contest Rules:
1. The contest is open to US or Canadian residents only with a valid mailing address. No P.O. Boxes.
2. Applicants must use a valid e-mail address and home or cell number.
3. The top five essays will win.

Format: Please submit responses using the following guidelines (Courier New, 12 pt, double –spaced, 1” margins on all four sides). Word count: 750-1000 words

Select one category and answer one of the questions below.

Submit response as a .doc or .pdf attachment by midnight on 02/15/09, to, Subject: HBMWG Contest Giveaway.

Books will be mailed to contest winners courtesy of the publisher.

Rediscovering Your Faith
1. When did you discover the meaning of faith, and how do you express your faith in your daily life?
2. Please describe the last time you were tempted, and how you overcame the temptation(s)?
3. When did you last have a spiritual experience, and how did it manifest itself?

Available books:
1. When did you first fall in love, and was it memorable? How has the experience shaped the rest of your love life?
2. What is your most memorable cross-cultural experience with someone different from you?
3. What is the importance of cultural awareness and heritage on a changing national stage?

Available books:
1. Describe the power of words and how your life has changed as a result? (Ex: a daily journal or exchanging letters with a pen pal)
2. What was the last good fiction book you read and why? What was your connection to story and characters?
3. What was the last good memoir you read and why? What was your connection to the story and characters?

Available books:
Good luck!


Calliope said...

I'm excited to be part of this contest! I'm crossing my fingers, hoping for some of these books. They all sound great!

Anonymous said...

I just submitted my essay. Thanks for this opportunity.

Best wishes to all the entrants.