Monday, October 20, 2008

Give Yourself A Gift of a Writer's Workshop

Are there others out there who are looking for a good writing workshop, but have been unsuccessful? Have you joined groups that didn't last more than a few weeks or months?

Why is it so difficult to find a thriving writing group like those listed in Writer's Digest Magazine or The Writer Magazine? How many others out there would like to join a group of writers en route to publication and production?

Are you apprehensive about paying for eight or ten classes or sessions where you might not get the individualized attention your writing deserves because of the number of students?

We can all agree that some of the good things in life are free: a hug or a kiss from a loved one, an encouraging word, or timeless advice from an elder.

But what about free writing groups that are so laid-back and loose that there are new faces every meeting, or meetings that aren't scheduled regularly? While they may bash fee-based groups, they overlook the fact that people get what they pay for. Lack of organization can oftentimes lead to disruption of meetings and eventual empty seats around the workshop table.

We're looking for writers who are enthusiastic about their own and supportive of others in the workshop. It's also important that the community of writers are mature and able to take criticism and debate, rather than argue or justify their work.

We've had a successful group that's lasted years and we are looking to add members in our Memoir/Creative Nonfiction, Screenwriting/Playwriting, and Fiction Workshops who share the same commitment and philosophy.

Past members have gone on to publish in literary magazines and with traditional publishers.

If this sounds good to you, check us out online,, and click on the appropriate group heading and application.

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uber baby boomer said...

I saw your twitter on needing a new blog background. The friend who did mine is interested in doing some for no charge, ie, less than barter, just to get some practice. You can see her twitter background at @wyngedesign which she hand painted as she did mine @uberbabyboomer. Email her if you like at or twitter either of us. Hope this helps!