Thursday, September 04, 2008

That Really Chaps My Hide

I'd like to think I'm one of the most patient people on earth, but will settle for in New York City. My patience has been wearing thin over the last few years, and I don't want to become yet another angry, foul-mouthed person bumping into pedestrians on the sidewalks, or raising my fist at oncoming traffic as I walk against the signal.

One of my granny's favorite expressions, "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach," has been applicable in my life recently.

Exhibit A: Someone contacted me a few months ago because he wanted to start a Sci-Fi/Speculative Workshop under the Morningside Writers Group umbrella to replace the shuttered Graphic Novel Workshop. Fine. No problem. The online real estate was stagnant. Why not create a new division? The new moderator would be autonomous; I'd be on hand if needed.

I'm chapped at myself because I didn't listen to the quiet, still voice that is my early warning system. I should've walked away from the initial meeting knowing that this person wouldn't actually form the new group. The heretofore nameless sent an e-mail about epiphanies and early life changes, and unrealized goals as reason for bailing after three months of sparse two-way communication and several interested applicants in the queue waiting to launch the group.

I'm all for this person pursuing creative goals elsewhere, but why approach me if there are things unsaid and undone? I'm chapped because it could've been avoided. I hope I can save face and continue to build the Morningside Writers Group brand, but an e-mail seven days before an intended life-changing relocation event, I can do without.

This person obviously bit off more than was needed to be satisfied. Next time, push away from the table and put the leftovers in the refrigerator for another day, or better still, don't pull into the drive-through at 3 a.m. rousing the sleeping attendant. The napping student will be pissed off, and the glutton will have heartache from stuffing greasy fast food while trying to steer the car.

I wish this person every success, but I won't soon forgive the slight. Yes, it's most likely a blessing from God. It's best not to question the timing of the revelation because I sensed this would happen and didn't heed the warning.

Exhibit B: Last night's US Open Women's Quarterfinal match between Venus and Serena. What was that? My arthritic granny would've played with more zeal. Where were the famed power shots and razor sharp angles? The match lasted just over two hours, with commentators citing it was a great match. It wasn't. Tracy Austin and John McEnroe (of all people) were being gracious. The match was painful to watch.

I've two younger brothers, and grew up in a large Southern family. We competed against each other all the time, and after the game of checkers, basketball, kickball, or softball ended, we were the same as when we began. There were no bribes or persuasive talks from our parents to allow one to win over the other as has been long rumored about Venus and Serena. Oracene and Richard weren't in the stands last night, and if they were . . .

Venus totally blew the match. She had ten set points and couldn't convert any of them. During the match Serena look like something the cat dragged in, but was magically refreshed and exuberant during the post match commentary.

Ladies, it's a game. Play on the court as competitors, not older sister looking out for little sister. It'll make for more interesting and competitive matches.

Exhibit C: I've been summoned for jury duty after having postponed three times. I don't want to responsible for sending anyone to jail for petty crimes or white collar crimes. I'm looking for fulltime employment and called to speak with an operator because I feel on the verge of landing a plum writing/copyediting/blogging job. She was so obnoxious. I could see her wagging her finger at me for not yet serving on jury duty.

Does this make me a bad citizen? Why make $40/day (to be mailed weeks later) when I could earn more freelancing or at a fulltime job?

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