Sunday, January 20, 2008

For The Love of Filmmaking

I was told a story back in school meant to motivate or frighten would-be stars and starlets who were pursuing an elusive Hollywood dream of super stardom. If my memory serves me correctly, the quote came from the legendary actor Glenn Ford, who was on The Johnny Carson Show or The Merv Griffin Show.

The question was allegedly ,"What's your advice for young actors who want to break into the business?"

His answer: "Take a flashlight, a pad, and a pen. Lock yourself in a closet for two hours, and write anything and everything you could be if couldn't be actor. At the end of two hours, if there's anything on your pad, you'd best do it because you don't have the dedication it takes to be an actor."

I enjoyed my time as a film, stage, and commercial actor. I look forward to the time I'll return to the stage and film set as an actor, but my current and immediate focus is writing and directing feature length, shorts, and documentaries.

My approach to directing can't be gleaned from reading a book. Allow me to digress. I believe that writing, dancing, singing, and culinary arts can be taught, but there are people who seem to have a lifeline to God. I feel one must be intuitive, inspired, and focused. All the academic knowledge in the world won't substitute for a trained eye, ear, or touch.

Books can provide tips, tools, tested strategies. Implementing information from books, websites, or advice from friends should be measured according to the person or situation.

In the coming weeks, I'll be looking for others who share my belief and love of video, documentary, and filmmaking.

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