Friday, September 07, 2007

Venus's Semi-Final Match 09/07/07

This is reposted from my comments on today's New York Times U S Open Blog:

I watched the matched from start to finish. It was a good, not great match. I've scanned some of the comments, and don't want or need to get into throwing sand in anyone else's face.

The world in which we live prefers tall, svelte, blonds, over short/solid/lithe and caramel.

I was impressed this tournament by Asha Rolle, an unknown on the WTA until she beat Tatiana Golovin, and almost upset Dinara Safina.

The WTA needs to open its arms and training facilities to a wider variety of people that would truly reflect the international world in which we live.

Yes, Justine CHEATS more times than not, casting sideward glances over at her surrogate father in the stands.

What Serena and Venus have done to REVOLUTIONIZE women's tennis, they can take to the bank. Every sport has its divas, divos, and wanna-be superstars.

I personally do not like Henin. I enjoy watching Jelena Jankovic and Ana Ivanovic play as well. There are so many emerging talents that don't get the time of day or live match coverage as do the 'stars' in both men's and women's tennis, which is unfortunate.

You want to talk about prejudice, not only racism, have at it. It's about TV ratings and Q-points on Madison Avenue.

I'd like to see TV and print commercials awarded as a prize AFTER winning a Grand Slam (Sharapova and Roddick are featured in commercials during every Grand Slam, but haven't come up with the goods).

You want to talk about Venus and Serena needing new coaches, racket techniques, cheerful disposition -- add Sharapova and Roddick to that list among many other active players.

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