Monday, June 18, 2007

Blogging for Dollars

When I first began blogging, I never thought about making money. It was to complement my then morning pages from the Artist's Way. It's faster and easier to type on a keyboard than to write longhand.

A few months into my blogging, I responded to an online ad to join a "blogging network" by a local would-be businessman that handled the administrative technical aspects of the blog in exchange for my creating original content.

That didn't last for long because I suspected he was not forthcoming with the profits, however small they might have been. We did our best to part amicably after he accused me of a few things over the phone and via e-mail. He gave me a few days to transfer my content for safekeeping.

Two years later, blogging for profit has soared, and people have become celebrities, published authors (blooks), and multimillionaires.

I came across this site, Problogger, a few days ago, and after forcing my lower jaw shut, wondered what I could do to generate income on this blog, or one of my other online outlets. A friend recently pointed me to this article from Business 2.0 Magazine, Blogging for Dollars. Take a look and see if there's anything of interest or use to you.


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