Saturday, May 26, 2007

Women's Tennis Fan

I have been an evolving women's tennis fan since the advent of the Williams Sisters in Grand Slam Finals. Prior to their storming onto the scene, I only knew of two African American tennis players, Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe.

I've never had a desire to play tennis or golf for that matter, but Venus and Serena made a believer out of me that anything is possible with Compton, Ca. background, and for this I applaud them. No need to list their accomplishments here, that's what the pundits and sports announcers enjoy doing. They will go down in history, much like Ms. Gibson and Mr. Ashe.

Men's tennis, unlike women's tennis is tedious. Most men on the circuit would soon bare and pound their chest than play compelling tennis. The female side of the equation is ripe with drama, drama queens, media rivalries, and probably stops short of hair pulling in the locker rooms. No doubt who'd always win if it came to blows between the frilly girls of tennis and either of the Williams Sisters in the locker room during rain delay at Wimbledon, The US Open, or The French Open. The folks down under at The Australian Open had the presence of mind to install a retractable roof for heat and rain.

Venus and Serena were raised better than to come to blows over a bad line call or reaction to something written about them in the press.

The French Open is coming up soon on DirecTV and ESPN2. I look forward to what might unfold, but American players haven't fared well on red clay in past years. Which makes me wonder why in the heck hasn't Chris Evert or Nick Bollettieri built several red clay practice courts to train American women and men players?

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Nycnontheist said...

1st I came to your site via the Technorati support forum to see your new version. Then I read your 1st post on tennis and I was going to ask if you were lucky enough to watch during the years of Evert/MacEnroe/Borg/Conners etc. I was young, but for some reason those were the only years I really "watched" tennis, and it proved to be the most exciting, action-driven-drama-fueled-racquet-throwing-curse-spewn era ever!!

But then I kept reading, and you just had me spell-bound by your words and your stories about your family. I already subscribed to your feeder.

I read something about your religion, but I couldn't tell if you were more or less than... You may or may not be interested in my blog, so why don't you just come by and give it a quick look see and tell me what You think.

I would consider an honor. And P.S. I, too am a New Yorker, right here in Manhattan - quelle coincidence!! Hence my moniker, Nycnontheist.

Again, I really loved your blog, and I can't wait to read more. I really hope you Do write "We Were The Williamses" and I look forward to your screenplay becoming the next hot new Movie!!


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