Monday, May 09, 2011

12-week Memoir Intensive Workshop

Everyone has a story tell. Do you have the skills and support network to bring yours to print? Creative Nonfiction makes you face the truth about yourself, your family and friends.

We are available to help you on your journey in Creating Memoir That’s Bigger Than Me, Me, Me 

We know the difference between Memoir and Autobiography, and help you navigate the sometimes rocky terrain of crafting poignant memoirs and essays.

We have seats available for Personal Essayists, Journalists, and Memoirists in our twelve-week Memoir Workshop. We will help you move beyond the me, me, me of most memoirs and create poignant essays, editorials, and memoir chapters.

We use the glass booth method in roundtable format to discuss works in progress and completed works prior to submitting to contests, magazines and agents.

Do you have the courage and emotional distance to write through you fears? What if your family and friends opt not to read or accept your personal truths, would you persist and write it?

If so, we have a seat for you: Memoir Workshop.

Morningside Writers Group is listed among other regional writing groups, writing centers, and workshops which offers alternatives to a full-time MFA degree program in the April 2009 Cover Story in the Writer Magazine, The L Magazine, and most recently in Time Out New York.

Morningside Workshops focus on learning and improving craft with a healthy dose of professional branding and marketing. The gradual result of The Morningside Method ™ is a well-rounded writer who might pursue an MFA, find an agent and build a career as a published writer, produced playwright, optioned screenwriter or working television writer who understands the creative, business and legal components of their career.