Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Year, New You : Accent Reduction

Imagine conversing with native and international English speakers and being understood . . . 

Imagine speaking with confidence at work, school, or during a job interview . . .

What does that feel like? 

Dynamic Voices Workshops ™ include Conversation Skills, Role Playing, Improvisational Skills, Vocabulary Building, and Accent Reduction.

Your motivation and determination will increase as your accent and insecurity decrease.

Upon completion of your customized Dynamic Voices Workshop, you will be more confident in a variety of situations: on the phone, face-to-face interactions, and in written communications.

Students bring a notebook or digital cassette recorder to take notes and chart progress. Serious students work once a week, for one hour, over the course of six months to one year. 

Weekly workshops focus on your spoken and written English. 

Priced separately, the complete package would cost $100/hour, but if you act fast and book on either of the two available days, the cost for in-house sessions would be $35/hour ($45/hour for house calls).

You can Reduce Your Accent within six months, and Accent Elimination within two years! Contact me to schedule a preliminary audit session or book your first ten-block workshop!

Contact Dynamic Voices for additional information, rates, and to book an audit session