Wednesday, February 09, 2011

English/Spanish Intercambio Group in Harlem

Interested in forming a small group (4-6 people) of native English and native Spanish speakers who need to improve their intermediate to advanced written and spoken language skills in the opposite language. 

This isn't a group for beginners. Participants must have at least intermediate writing and conversation skills, and able to meet at least once a week in the evening for approximately two hours. Weekend availability is also optional.

There are two core members currently -- a native (male) English speaker and a native (male) Spanish speaker.

We're looking for participants experienced in grammar, writing, and pronunciation.

Send a brief note with interest and availability to meet throughout the winter and spring. We're only interested and available to meet on the Upper West Side/Harlem.

Please only respond if serious and prepared to meet for an initial face to face orientation and skills assessment within seven days of communication.

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