Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Tri-State Production Company

Seeking writers (script/TV, commercial, and documentary), filmmakers, photographers, videographers, creative (make-up/hair, wardrobe), technical (lighting/sound/boom), composers, admin/interns, PA's, financial wizards, grant writers, and location scouts to form a new production company to script, workshop, and produce direct-to-DVD projects for resume builders, reels, and distribution. 

Seeking actors who want or need experience with cold readings and scenes for reels. Interested in meeting people with access to locations (residential and commercial), props, and transportation.

Culinary wizards, coffee shop and restaurant owners, don't hesitate to contact us -- we'll need a place to greet, meet, and eat. New or mid-career catering companies are also welcome to send a note.
This is not an offer of employment. The goal is a collaborative company to work on group projects.

Please send cover letter, letter of introduction, resumes, headshots (actors, stunt people), and current projects you're working on to

Looking to meet in person mid to late April, so will repost on various online boards, blogs, etc. until then. Thanks in advance for your interest!

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