Sunday, February 01, 2009

Seeking Freelancers to Share Office

Seeking three to four additional freelancers, virtual assistants, or small business owners to share an office in Harlem or Morningside Heights.

Only interested in sharing cost for office space. Open to hiring support staff for the office.
Looking for a clean space in a private home or small office with free WiFi, desk/chair, utilities included (or negotiated), and a sanitary bathroom.

Access to a kitchen and appliances, a plus, but not necessary.
If interested in researching information and sharing an eventual space, or if you have a potential space to rent beginning in March or April 2009, please reply with background information or location.


mixdmedia said...

Hey, I follow your twitter, and my biz partner and I are very interested in talking to you about the space. We're already in Harlem, so it would be perfect. Add me back on twitter (@nikku) and I'll DM you my phone number.

Anonymous said...

Find a spot? I'm looking for one in the Harlem area now. I'm a phd student (but we don't get offices at school), with a plethora of papers to write, not to mention a dissertation proposal.