Monday, June 06, 2005


Today is my first blog entry. Several artist friends have urged me in recent times to do this. As long as I’ve lived in New York City, I thought I would have been cast on a soap opera, appeared off-Broadway, Broadway, and have bought a brownstone in Harlem.

What have I to show for my time thus far on the East Coast? I moved here on a whim or personal dare. I moved here because I felt I had outgrown local theatre in Texas. I moved here to escape from everyone and everything I had grown to love and despise in the Bible belt of the southwest. The story continues. I have a decent place to live, although the building might sink in the next few years, evident by the buckling kitchen floor and slanted entry hallway.

I have met an assortment of people and too many characters. I’d like to think I’ve learned equally from the small and large experiences. I’m a firm believer in everyone who happens into your life and everything that happens in your life is for a reason. To that end, I’ve done my best to keep a journal since high school.

I invite you all to visit my blog weekly, travel with me to the past, and look ahead to the future.

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